Marko Marinovic

Marko Marinovic

Managing Director @ Blank


We are filling in the blanks

JavaScript magic with Symbols

What are Symbols in JavaScript and how to use them?

ERC20 wizard CLI

CLI for creating and deploying ERC20 tokens on Ethereum network.

Ethereum wallet generator CLI

CLI for generating Ethereum wallets. Easily create a new private key and mnemonic. is migrated to Cloudflare

Migrating to Cloudflare gave us 42% faster initial paints, but it wasn't so straightforward. mobile apps released

Today we released ios and android apps.

Preloading React components

You can improve user experience with preloadable components.

How to use React Suspense for Code-Splitting?

React 16.6 shipped an interesting feature called Suspense which allows React to suspend rendering while waiting for something.

React with Typescript starter kit

This is a simple React with Typescript starter kit without frameworks like next or gatsby.

Reading list (2019)

What I've been reading in 2019?